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Lowrance 121-38, Lowrance Radar LRA-1800 1.5' Radome, 2kW transmit power

Best price Lowrance Radar LRA-1800 1.5' Radome, 2kW transmit power sale cheap.

Lowrance Radar LRA-1800 1.5' Radome, 2kW transmit power

Great entry level of Lowrance 121-38 Review:

Lowrance LRA-1800 Radar, and cable. Connect this 1.5' Radome, 2kW Transmit power radar to any HDS chartplotter with provided 15 meter cable for digital signal processing in high-definition. Fast, detailed radar detection of even small and distant targets with superb accuracy in dark, fog and rain alike.

Lowrance 121-38 Feature

  • 2 kW radome radar with 5.2-degree horizontal beamwidth and 25-degree vertical beamwidth
  • High-definition digital radar with up to 24 nautical mile range
  • Automatic Tune, Gain and Sea/Rain Clutter adjustment
  • Eight different color palette choices
  • One-year limited warranty


The LRA-1800 offers advanced digital signal processing in a high-definition radome for your Lowrence HDS unit. Add fast, detailed radar detection of even small and distant targets with superb accuracy in dark, fog and rain alike. Compact and dependable, this high-performance radar solution connects with Ethernetworks for onboard radar display sharing.
Lowrence LRA-1800
2 kW radome radar with 5.2° horizontal beamwidth and 25° vertical beamwidth.
HDS Radar Display
HDS high-definition radar display.
HDS Radar Overlay Display
Radar chart overlay display.
Powerful Radar
The LRA-1800 features 2 kW radome radar, with 5.2 degree horizontal beamwidth and 25 degree vertical beamwidth.
Radar/Chart Overlay
The Radar Overlay feature allows you to overlay radar data on any map page, for a single, detail-rich display, as long as you have a valid GPS position and a compatible NMEA 2000 heading sensor.
Turn on overlay transparency, select a transparency level, and choose the color of the radar overlay to your preference.
Clear Viewing
With features such as Automatic Tune, Gain, and Anti-Sea Clutter and Anti-Rain Clutter adjustment, Lowrence radome units ensure you get the best possible viewing conditions. The Gain feature allows you to adjust the sensitivity of the receiver, optimizing it for your current needs. Anti-Sea Clutter lowers receiver sensitivity at shorter ranges, to reduce or eliminate echoes that reflect back at the antenna due to wave action close to the vessel. Anti-Rain doe the same thing for the small echoes that clutter the display during rain or snow storms.
Color Recognition
The LRA-1800 offers different color palette choices for improved target distinction based on viewing conditions. Eight color options are offered.
Auto Power-On
The Auto Power-on feature allows the radar to start warming up every time the display unit is turned on.
Adjustable Radar Range
This feature allows you to expand the area shown on the display unit, allowing you to see distant targets. You also can decrease the range to focus on targets closing in on you.
LRA-1800 is compatible with the Lowrence GlobalMap 9300c HD, GlobalMap 9200c, GlobalMap 8300c HD, GlobalMap 8200c, GlobalMap Baja 840c, GlobalMap 7300c HD, GlobalMap 7200c, Globalmap 5200c, Globalmap 5300c iGPS, Globalmap Baja 540c, LCX-113c HD, LCX-112c, LCX-38c HD, LCX-37c, LCX-28c HD, LCX-27c, LMS-520c, LMS-522c iGPS, LMS-525c DF, LMS-525c DF, X510c, and X515c DF.
What's in the Box
LRA-1800 HD Radar, Processor, Dome Cable, 12-Pin Utility Cable, Ethernet Cable, Mounting Hardware, Owner's Manual, Installation Guide

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